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"Footloose In The Palouse" is an online consignment service located in Rockford, Washington. It is owned and operated by Bill and Laurie Benson.
We started "Footloose In The Palouse" in answer to an age old question:
"What do I do with all of this stuff?"
Rockford, Fairfield, and the surrounding area is farm country, and the folks who live and work here don't have the luxury of time to learn the ins and outs of the online marketplace.
Whether simply cleaning out the garage, transitioning from one life stage to the next (sell the Playskool toys and bring in the Xbox!), downsizing after the kids go off to college, or facilitating the liquidation of an estate after a loved one's passing, the process starts with a single question:
"What do I do with all of this stuff?"
That's where Footloose In The Palouse comes in!
We enjoy helping folks pass along their treasures, whether just cleaning out the garage, down-sizing after the kids have left the nest, or liquidating the estate of a passed loved one. Let us put our talents to work for you!
We have a wide and eclectic assortment of products that have been consigned to us, and We offer these wares on our eBay and Etsy Sites. We also sell locally on Spokane's Craigslist.
Whether you are looking to buy something or sell something, we would love to show you that your stuff is more valuable than you know!
A Holiday 'munk!We are very proud to be the exclusive distributor of Christie Pierce's "FriendChips" Calendars and Merchandise!
Our friend, Christie Pierce, is a photographer who has developed a unique relationship with a scurry* of chipmunks that live in her backyard! From this relationship, "FriendChips" was born - photographs of astonishing cuteness, all completely unrehearsed without a smidge of digital manipulation!
*A collection of chipmunks is called a "scurry"!